If you are a CANDIDATE

By signing the Vote Pact for Europe, YOU commit to campaign for these principles and, if elected, to reject the next European Commission if it does not explicitly commit to:

  • 1. Stand for climate transition
  • 2. Stand for eradication of poverty in Europe
  • 3. Stand for equal and better pay
  • 4. Stand for EU democracy and gender balance
  • 5. Fight against tax dodging, tax evasion and organised crime
  • 6. Stand for the right to help
  • 7. Stand for young people’s education and future

To verify your identity, please enter an email address linked to your official website or to your Twitter/Facebook profile. 

These data will only be used for the purpose of the VotePact campaign and not shared with third parties. By signing the VotePact you agree to publish on this website your name, party and country of origin. Your email will not be published.