VotePact for Europe

On the 23-26 May 2019 we will be called to vote for our new representatives at the European Parliament, who will have to approve or reject the new EU Commission.

The next EU elections must not turn into a fight between pro and anti-Europeans. EU citizens must have the possibility to choose the EU they want! Europe cannot afford to waste five years with ‘business as usual’. We should use our vote to press together for real commitments and radical change.

We invite all Voters and Candidates from all parties to join forces and sign the following VotePact for Europe.

If you are a CANDIDATE

By signing the Vote Pact for Europe, YOU commit to campaign for these principles and, if elected, to reject the next European Commission if it does not explicitly commit to:
1. Stand for climate transition

The next EU Commission must adopt effective measures to protect biodiversity and contribute to limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C by increasing short term action and making Europe climate neutral within one generation.
2. Stand for eradication of poverty in Europe

The next EU Commission must commit to making the EU poverty free, promoting a programme to eradicate child poverty in maximum 15 years
3. Stand for equal and better pay

The next EU Commission must guarantee equal pay for equal work and promote collective bargaining to increase wages, tackle in-work poverty and inequality, and create better jobs.
4. Stand for EU democracy and gender balance

Half of the next EU commissioners must be women and at least 2/3 must have been elected to the European Parliament.
5. Fight against tax dodging, tax evasion and organised crime

The next EU Commission must step up the fight against tax frauds, tax avoidance, money laundering, and organised crime
6. Stand for the right to help

The next EU Commission must guarantee the right for citizens to help refugees and migrants in need.
7. Stand for young people’s education and future

The next EU Commission must grant every young European the right to receive a job or a vocational training offer within 4 months after the end of the school or becoming unemployed, and make Erasmus+ budget ten times bigger